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Embark on an epic journey where every quest completed, every duel won, and every skill mastered translates into real earnings. BaseScape's ecosystem is powered by the $SCAPE token, offering a seamless blend of gaming and crypto where luck can turn into tangible rewards in wETH.

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Powering the #1 RS Private Server

Invest, Play and Stake


You invest in our token and our ecosystem. This ecosystem powers the number 1 RS private server.

You don't have time to play, click to buy.


You are a gamer, and there is no initial entry cost. You start earning in the #1 play to earn MMORPG of all time.

Click the button to start playing.


You have tokens, and may be a player or an investor. You see our ecosystem and mission flourish.

Stake your tokens, and earn extra rewards.

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Getting Started

  • Download the launcher installer

  • Run the installer, then open the launcher once it's installed

  • You can register an account by login into the game directly!

  • If you experience any issues, join our Discord
    or any other social media channels.

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Featured Content

Duel & PK Thrills with Real Stakes

Engage in intense duels and PvP encounters where every battle counts, with real stakes on the line.

RSPS Casino

Immerse yourself in real stakes multiplayer poker, roulette, blackjack, epic loot boxes and more - powered by $SCAPE.

Earn $SCAPE Tokens While Skilling

Transform your RuneScape skills into a lucrative profession by earning $SCAPE tokens while you skill.

Easy Deposit & Withdrawal's

WEB3 integration Seamlessly deposit & withdraw $SCAPE directly from the in-game.

Player Owned Economy

100% of the in-game economy stays within the BaseScape server benefitting reward drop rate and earning potential to our $SCAPE stakers.

Epic Raiding & Boss Battles

Conquer end-game challenges like never before with exhilarating raiding and boss encounters.

BaseScape Game

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